Seeking asylum in Manitoba

Why so much coverage?

 This week we take a close look at coverage of the recent influx of people seeking asylum over the southern Manitoba border with Lisa Stepnuk of No One Is Illegal and Diwa Marcelino of Migrante. We talk about how coverage shapes public opinion on stories, how the stories lack personal detail, are told from a settler perspective, and often fit a pre-existing “refugee” narrative. Refugee claims are a complex and difficult process to begin with, and we talk about how the current process, plus public conversation, impacts people currently seeking safety.
The Safe Third Country agreement and that list Lisa mentions of countries Canada won’t take refugees from caught me off guard. I don’t think many settlers think of immigration and refugee process in much detail, instead just assuming one title like “immigrant” or “refugee” means just one thing. This episode provides a lot of insight into how these policies work for the colonial state Canada.
I hope to have a more direct voice on this topic soon, hopefully someone who has lived the sort of experiences we refer to in this episode. Watch for that.
And, I apologize everyone, I keep forgetting to take selfies with guests.

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