Fake News

How to spot and where it comes from

me and Inayat right as I remembered the selfie has to happen

This week we sat down with Inayat Singh, Social Editor at CBC Manitoba, to talk about the recent obsession with fake news in the US, and how it’s impacting information flow in many places. We touch on where it comes from, how it’s existed for a time (it was happening under Harper in Canada), how people use the term very loosely, and how fake news impacts peoples’ behavior and serious decisions. Fake news has been a topic in news for the past year or so, and it likely won’t stop anytime soon.

Inayat’s got a really great point of view on this phenomenon. His education and current position at work give him a lot of context and first-hand experience in the news world. He’s got some really good insight, and I feel way smarter after talking to him about it…

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