Trump’s Flight Ban

How did the public react so fast?


This week I sat down with local cartoonist and feminist Autumn Crossman to talk about the flight ban affecting people worldwide. We look at the coverage of the ban, how quickly it gained attention, how much of the coverage overlapped with the shooting at a mosque in Quebec, and how drastically it’s impacting people across the globe. We mention the upside to having the media constantly watching Trump’s every move, even if he’s still making deliberately hurtful moves. Autumn shares her experiences growing up Muslim in Canada and how things are different now from three years ago.

This flight ban has dominated the news for a week straight. It gained a lot of attention when it started, and as people were impacted around the world, news made sure to get their reaction. A lot of what counts as newsworthy is emotion, like how something can impact someone’s emotions, or how something like this flight ban so negatively impacts peoples’ lives. These impacts make for great stories. Especially TV stories. Coverage of Trump’s actions has contributed to a transparency in the US that other governments were not held to. But now that it’s a week later, will the information stay fresh on the news cycle?

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