Women’s March on Washington

What story did the news tell?

Myself and Jez Morales after our wonderful conversation about feminism in public discourse!

This week we sat down with Jez Morales, LGBT* Centre Coordinator at the UWSA to talk about how the Women’s march was covered and what it’s brought to the public conversation. We touched on a few really important parts: This is the first time news and public conversations have been so open to intersectionality, all of the coverage and the march itself successfully avoided using the word Feminist (and we talk why that’s bad and why it’s good), and the news still managed to find conflict within one of the largest peaceful protests of this year to date. We also touch gently on Trump’s inauguration. The women’s march opened big conversation with a lot of sides and a lot of potential impacts. Featuring a short interview with Johise Namwira about her experience speaking at the march and what she thought of the turnout in Winnipeg.

It’s a bit crazy to see so much of feminist rhetoric being used in public conversations. People are talking about intersectionality! But the news is talking about it in a way that pits women against women, as if the point of the march was to show inequality, instead of the greater meaning that was showing vast support for feminist ideals. We also realize that the march managed to avoid using the word feminism, and also acted as a photo-op for many people. Celebrities attended, and news reported on that. Even if the conversation isn’t about the bigger point and impact of the march, is it still good to have these issues come into the public conversation?

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