Premier Pallister in Costa Rica

Is journalism holding him accountable?

Kristin and I in the studio after recording on Thursday night. 

On this week’s episode, I sat down with Kristin Annable, journalist at the Winnipeg Free Press and soon at the CBC, to talk about how she broke the story that Premier Pallister doesn’t check his email when in Costa Rica for 2 months of the year. She explained the process of getting a FIPPA, navigating relationships with cabinet communications people, and the importance of asking for such transparency. We touch on how Kristin can help hold government accountable, while navigating the networks of relationships and power balances at play. We also touch on how Pallister works as an individual, like you or I.

It was fantastic, to me, to have a working journalist’s point of view on this issue. We do a lot of analysis on this podcast, so it’s important to take time and understand how news works from those who are creating it. She faces the routine challenge of finding answers to important questions through the thick rhetoric of government communications. She believes firmly that journalism should hold people in power accountable, and her critical questioning demonstrates this. As far as I can tell, she shows the traditional, theoretical form of journalism can still thrive.

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