What is it and how is it helpful?


I sat down with Sheila North Wilson, Grand Cheif of MKO, and Matthew Tenbruggencate, Director of Communications for Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce to talk the importance of context in news media. Both are Creative Communications grads and have previously worked in news media. We start by outlining exactly what context is before getting into its role and place in different forms of media. Context helps us understand information and stories, and when it’s restricted or missing completely, we don’t get the same message. Matt and Sheila relate their experiences working as journalists and still conveying the whole story.

There’s a lot of factors that play into context. You can think of it as circumstance, or surroundings, or the simple reality of everyone having different experiences. When we’re telling stories, context can show the bigger picture or meaning. News media typically doesn’t have the space to provide context, so we have to do the work ourselves.

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