Media’s Role in the US Election

Did the news help Trump win?

The post-broadcast studio selfie, ft. Jason Hannan (left) and Matthew Flisfeder (right)

Jason Hannan and Matthew Flisfeder, professors from University of Winnipeg’s Rhetoric and Communications department, join me to talk about how different media influenced the American election. They determine that yes, news media and social media played a role in the election results. We distinguish the differences between corporate media and alternative media, Matthew mentions the “echo chambers” of social media produces that reflect our opinion back to us, and we talk about the difficulty of communicating and reaching someone who feels attacked.

We avoided getting into the nitty-gritty of the election, but what seemed most concerning was how the rhetoric of this election has divided people, and now how are people, organizations or other entities expected to communicate across those ideological gaps? How has rhetoric of political correctness lead to people feeling attacked, and how do we re-open those channels of communication?

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